5 questions from Adam Leipzig

Jun 26, 2019

What about …

What about revisiting our purpose during our summer vacation? It’s an ideal period to astonish ourselves.

You may use the 5 questions created by Adam Leipzig, that say

1. Who are you?
2. What do you love to do?
3. who do you do it for?
4. what do those people want or need?
5. how do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

Call me “G”

With many years’ experience in international business leadership, Geneviève “G” Bauhofer is ideally placed to help get the best out of individuals or groups in a business, corporate or charitable setting. Now based in Switzerland (G is fluent in French, German and English), she is relishing her decision to focus on using the skills she’s honed throughout her career to inspire, empower and enable people.

There’s no better way to start than by having a chat

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