Coaching and mentoring for professionals: Invest in yourself and make a life, not just a living.

Using integrated processes, tools and her own business and international experience, G can help you to spot the professional opportunities waiting for you. She’ll then work alongside you to translate those opportunities into practical options for a fulfilling life that’s aligned to your unique aptitudes, experience, values and interests.

Although this work focuses on unlocking possibilities for individuals who are experienced professionals or who are part of executive teams, it can take place either one-to-one or as part of a supportive group.

Coaching for experienced professionals

Coaching and mentoring can support you if you want clarity over changes in your professional life, help making post-career plans, or developing your inspirational leadership skills. With G by your side, you’ll find your own path, and set off on your journey along it.

Sessions usually take place online twice a month, over a period of three months, and work towards a specific goal. If you need a little more, you can extend this anywhere up to six months, to achieve more complicated or difficult changes.

Coaching for executive team members and senior leaders

Coaching and mentoring are excellent tools for executives facing times of strategic change, moving an organisation in a new direction, or launching a new initiative.

You’re busy, so we’ll find a way of working that suits you, whether that’s spending a half-day together every few months, focusing on regular, shorter sessions, or another option that works for you. We’ll work it out together.

“I was coached by Geneviève and it was a truly enriching experience. Geneviève is a great listener and was consistently coming up with advice or solutions which clearly addressed my challenges whilst respecting my own management style.”

(Jean, coached by G)

Take control and invest in empowering yourself

Set up a free, no-obligation discovery session with G today so that you can find out more about each other, get to know more about coaching and mentoring, and see how you might work together.

There’s no better way to start than by having a chat

Let’s keep this simple. Book a free, no-obligation discovery call with G today so that you can get to know each other, share some questions and see how you might work together. It’s a small step that could start an important journey!