Facilitation for executive and leadership groups: Focus your group and get the best from working together.

Working as a group can be motivating and satisfying, but it can also be tricky. Groups are, by definition, made up of different people with different personalities and different ways of working.

These challenges are amplified when the group’s work is strategically important in setting the direction for the wider organisation. It’s important to get the best from your executive group, senior management board and or leadership committee, as it sets the tone for everything that follows.

G can help you to create the conditions for your organisation to succeed by providing facilitation at the very highest level. She guides your executive group, senior leadership team or management committee to recognise the possibilities they have in working together, find their collaborative vision and make a real impact. She’ll also work out what’s holding the group back, or what’s missing, so that you can address that together.

“Genevieve is an asset to any organization looking to make things happen. She is smart, knowledgeable and passionate about what she is making available to clients.”

(Harriet, worked with G)

G will facilitate a creative, personalised session designed with your group in mind. She will help you to understand each other’s differences, harnessing each other’s strengths for great results. She’ll also try to understand if anything is stopping you from working together collaboratively, and help you set the foundations for a culture where your ideas and plans can thrive.

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