Fostering a collaboration across departments

Are you committed to:

  • mobilize your employees to collaborate across departments?
  • empower your staff to go the extra mile?
  • translate the existing diversity (age, gender, culture, competences) in your business results?
  • revisit the processes in place to allow for your employees to contribute and innovate?

We have designed this 5-step Program for organizations like yours to allow you to boost your business indicators while transforming your organizational culture.


how it works


About clarifying objectives and identifying key players


The program starts with a new business initiative or project that your organization wants to launch. Together with the Executive Committee we look at the risk that the existing mode of operations within your organization may prevent the expected results to be delivered. We share the approach we will be following and make some recommendations about agenda, key players, project team and possible outcomes.


About revealing the prevailing culture and/or usual way of operating


You get to see the assumptions, beliefs as well as “rituals” that drive your staff to operate the way they do in their departments as well as across departments.


About laying the foundation for a sustainable collaboration (and culture)


New technologies, globalization as well as new processes are impacting the management of organizations. They require a new leadership. In this step we will revisit how your organization handles the flow of information to and from, and among employees and its impact on the level of collaboration. And more importantly whether the communication leads to action.


About revisiting the business initiative and/or strategic project


Together with the project team we identify unexamined assumptions, beliefs, mindset about the current views and possible accomplishments attached to the project. We create new possibilities for the project and lay down the vision and the milestones of the results.


About walking the talk towards expected goals


This is execution time. It’s about coaching the project team and the project leader over a given period of time. The goal? Build a high performing team, resolve inevitable “breakdowns”, manage commitments and action. During this step it is about anchoring new collaboration mechanisms, building powerful alignment and measuring progress for success.


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