The world of possibilities grows as we age

Sep 18, 2018

When we’re young and at the start of our career, life feels full of opportunities to be seized and choices to be made.

As we enter middle age or beyond, it’s common for people to reflect on the journey of their career so far. They may wonder whether it’s possible for them to craft a second (or third, or fourth!) career at this “late” stage. They might worry about the impact it would have on their family life or on the long-established routines of their day-to-day life.

But opportunity and possibility aren’t just the domain of the young. Quite the opposite.

We’re living longer than ever, and in a world which has been revolutionised by the advances of the digital age. These days the worlds of global and local business are closer than at any time before, and people in middle age and beyond have boundless professional opportunities.

A sense of purpose, achievement and ‘usefulness’ is crucial to a sense of wellbeing, whatever your age. But I find that from around the time they turn fifty, my clients’ thoughts are ever more likely to lean towards understanding their purpose in life, the impact they can make, and what their lasting contribution will be.

They might also wonder about the skills and competencies that would help them move into a new stage of their career. Do they have the right approach to make a change? Some of the skills, experience and wisdom they’ve amassed throughout their career so far will help facilitate a move into something new.

The trick is to identify them, work out what new skills or knowledge might need to be added to that mix, and develop an attitude and framework to allow those skills and interests to flourish. With an approach that combines your interests, motivations, attitudes and skills, you’ll discover an abundance of possibilities for making a change.

With all this in mind, I invite you to revisit your interests and skills, discover the direction you might want to follow and begin to understand the impact you’d like to make. I can promise you that it won’t always be easy or comfortable, but it will also be fascinating and absolutely worth the effort, to create a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling.

You have so many options. I’d love to work with you to discover which of them will lead you to your next meaningful career. Get in touch!

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With many years’ experience in international business leadership, Geneviève “G” Bauhofer is ideally placed to help get the best out of individuals or groups in a business, corporate or charitable setting. Now based in Switzerland (G is fluent in French, German and English), she is relishing her decision to focus on using the skills she’s honed throughout her career to inspire, empower and enable people.

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