Call me "G"...

“The world is full of possibilities, ready to be discovered.
Let’s explore what’s waiting for YOU.”

GENEVIÈVE “G” Bauhofer helps experienced professionals, leaders, senior managers and executive committees picture what’s possible, build their vision and achieve results. Whether she’s coaching, mentoring, facilitating or public speaking, she’s full of life, energy and passion for really engaging with people.

“The journey Geneviève took me on was very intense, thought provoking and validating. I would recommend Geneviève to any individual or company seeking a high level of transformation. This lady is very dynamic!”

(Leigh, coached by G)


With many years’ experience in international business leadership, G is ideally placed to help get the best out of individuals or groups in a business, corporate or charitable setting. Now based in Switzerland (G is fluent in French, German and English), she is relishing her decision to focus on using the skills she’s honed throughout her career to inspire, empower and enable people. Find out more about G and her partnership working.


“G” has contributed to the growth of the following companies


I love the letter P. It stands for words such as Passion, Professional, Possibilities, Power, Profits. For the past 25 years, I have been incorporating these powerful concepts and values into my mentoring programs to create a rich and unique approach to empowering corporate leadership, entrepreneurs and senior executives.


G is another favourite of mine. One day, people started calling me G… it was easier than Geneviève. G also stands for Game-changing, Gainful, Goals, Growing, Greatness and more. I share my specialised knowhow with top professionals and business leaders to roll back the boundaries of the possible, building their vision into reality.


How we work together depends on you! Everyone is unique, each person has different goals. All my trainings are bespoke to better address the results you’re looking for, and whether the work is one-on-one, a small team, or within the framework of a group. Beyond the How, H stands for Hope, Health, Harmony, Heart and Happiness. Its a beautiful letter.


R is for Results. My goal is to enhance your ability to engage with people to fulfill your greater mission.


G’s work is all about leading people so that they can see the opportunities they have, and taking control of these opportunities to get results. With her by your side, you’ll see the possibilities you have, create your own vision for moving forwards and understand how you can keep growing. G will guide you to see how you can use your possibilities, and how to address anything that is missing or standing in your way.

The way G works depends on you, the results you’re looking for, and whether the work is with one person, a small team, or a bigger group.

Coaching and mentoring for professionals


Invest in yourself and make a life, not just a living.

Facilitation for executive and leadership groups


Focus your group and get the best from working together.

Public speaking to empower your audience


Inspire your listeners to discover the person they want to become.


Check out our new service “JE, JEU, ENJEU” and discover how, using G’s toolbox and how you’ll learn how to Align to who you are becoming, Clarifying your next position, Foster collaboration across departments and Master your onboarding.


There’s no better way to start than by having a chat

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