Are you ready to take opportunities ?

I help you become the legitimate architect of your professional and private life.

I accompany you in exploring the world of possibilities and support you in visualising your goals and defining potential fields of activity. Whatever is holding you back or causing you to hesitate, whether you are following the path alone, in a small group or as a larger contingent. Whatever your title – executive, expert or company manager. At the beginning of a new activity or in the lead up to a transfer or retirement. Together, we trace your path and the appropriate steps. With sympathy and in complete confidence to enable you to make your dreams come true.

My fields of intervention

For private individuals

I accompany you
at every stage of your professional and personal life.
Attentive to your current concerns and questions on generic topics with specific programmes.
For example:
« the first 100 days »,
« becoming an inspiring leader »,
« communicating effectively »,
« building a career as a management couple »,
« woman and career »,
« active and full of life during early retirement and beyond »
and many more.
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For companies

I accompany any organisation (company, foundation, association, etc.), locally and abroad, along three key lines:
Facilitation , which allows an entire group to develop a new strategic or operational reflection, independent of the usual context or mindset;
Mandate , which identifies and transforms aspects of the internal corporate culture which are damaging to the healthy operations and durability of the company. Session between managers : discover and learn how to introduce inspirational leadership in the organisation
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Je Jeu Enjeu challenge

Each ambition (jeu) is linked to a personality (je) and a certain number of challenges (enjeu). A journey in four programme stages, beginning with the identification of the desired post and culminating in the optimisation of collaboration between different departments when you have reached the desired position.
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The key that unlocks the world of possibilities, for you too!

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    Why am I the person who is right for you?

    I am the person who knows how to read between the lines, understand you and summarise the options open to you by creating a trusting, private environment. Furthermore, I can call on a network and never hesitate to work with partners in order to enhance the numerous facets of your fields of action and your projects.

    Experience in accompaniment – over 20 years providing all kinds of accompaniment.


    They placed their trust in me