I’m Geneviève. But like other people, call me “G”, pronounced as in English.
I could have been a doctor, a pastor or an anthropologist. I decided to create the profession that fits me like a glove and motivates me every morning: to encourage and inspire all experienced people – and companies – to explore what is “possible”, to reveal what makes sense for the individual and the company in question with regard to the development of society and to implement it.

My leitmotiv: human beings. What makes them so unique and so great. What empowers them and helps them follow their path.

I am very grateful for all those different and unique people who I have accompanied around the world. They have also helped me discover all the facets of my own life and live it to the full.

On the personal side, I am also a proud mother of two and I admire the independent young adults my children have become, each making a success of their chosen path.


My career

I assist companies and managers in creating the conditions that will support their visions and projects.

I have done this both locally and abroad for over 30 years. I place the spotlight on internal corporate culture before unlocking the world of possibilities. Internal culture is one of the essential filters. Either it fosters innovation, or it ensures that the company remains within the confines of what is already known. Either it facilitates change, or it prevents any form of change. Either it encourages commitment and initiative among employees, or it turns them into “simple executors”.

The same applies for individuals. All their experiences and lessons learned act as a filter surrounding the type of project they might envisage in their life. In our work, I shed light on the automatic reflexes, subsequently enabling individuals to redefine and choose their goal. With regard to their concerns, we identify the critical points, prepare for crucial conversations and envisage plan Bs as well as what is required to get started and succeed.

« Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all »

Helen Keller

If I were 4 letters, I would be


I love the letter P. It stands for words like Passion, Professional, Possibilities, Power, Profits. During the past 25 years, I have incorporated these concepts and values into my mandates and programmes to the benefit of my clients. They have become part of my “toolbox” and “pep up” my integrated approach, which attracts managers, entrepreneurs and senior executives, as well as anyone keen to have an impact in their life.


G is another of my favourite letters. One day, people began calling me “G” as pronounced in English. It’s so much easier than Geneviève. Moreover, G, in English, is the consonant that begins words such as Game-changing, Gainful, Goals, Growing, Greatness, all of which resonate kin with me and with my clients.


The way we work together depends on you! Everyone is unique, everyone has different objectives. Accordingly, all my services – and the training courses I conduct – are “made-to-measure”. That is because everyone chooses their own set (“jeu”, or field of activities) with their own specific challenges, or “enjeux”. Which explains my Je/Jeu/Enjeu logo, a registered trademark. Generally speaking, we complete our work with a feeling of joy, full of gratitude for the discoveries we have made and the time spent together, not to mention the results obtained. And did you know that my middle name is Jeanne?


R for Results, Resilience and Reliable. R to relate the inspiration, vision and pragmatism of the different steps accompanying your success. And to express the desire to repeat the experience and the reminder to my customers of their next mission.